Island Life

Today, I decided to get caught up on my laundry.  For the past several weeks, I have been taking it into the village, and doing it there because we are in the middle of the dry season Here in Caye Caulker.  I harvest rainwater for use in showering, flushing the toilet, doing dishes, cleaning, etc.  i do not have a well, and live off the grid, where I do not have access to any utilities.

We did have some rain this week, and my overflow tank collected enough rainwater to do laundry out here at the cottage.  Four loads, including sheets and towels. That’s a good 3-4 hours to wash, rinse twice, and hang to dry.  Remember, this all done by hand.  My saving grace has been my hand wringer that I brought down with me this year.

My plans for the near future are to add four new deep cycle batteries to my solar system.  I currently only have two, but my two, forty watt panels can handle four more batteries.  Next, I want to add a 7500 liter water harvest tank.  This will allow me the storage to get me through the dry season without worrying about running out.  It will also allow me the luxury of purchasing an automatic washer for use here at the cottage!


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